Positano is the city of lovers

More and more couples choose to engage in Positano, the most romantic town on the Amalfi Coast

Even the most beautiful love story needs the right scenery to declare, and Taylor and Jason, United States young couple, have exchanged their promise of love right in Positano.

They asked me to make a photographic service that would capture and immortalize this important moment of their story together.

Taylor and Jason are persons with whom it was fun and fun to work. The service lasted a couple of hours, just the time to get familiar with the camera and let them feel comfortable.

We started from the top of the town, a location that allows us to have in our favor the scenery of the view of Positano with its characteristic houses, built on one another. We then continued inside, crossing the quaint alleys with their typical architectural details, to end up on the big beach, where, with the help of a somewhat shaky sea, I got the cue for some shots played between waves with feet in the water .

By carefully calculating the timing and choosing the right shot, I was able to capture images that best exploited the sunset light and the typical warm colors of this moment, recreating particular atmospheres with a striking cloud playing in the background.

I liked to deliver Taylor and Jason a service with color photographs that best represent their love reality, and in black and white, a technique that allows creating images that are evocative and leave room for their own interpretation.

My role as a photographer is just to be able to capture moments, looks and immortalize everything by creating memories. My job is to help you highlight every detail of your chosen location and stop forever an indescribable time. Everything is done with discretion and professionalism. By running without forcing, leaving full freedom to the couple who can express themselves naturally. Photos will be spontaneous and not built.

The sincere and indelible testimony of your love in the charm of a romantic Positano.

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