About me

My love for Photography and its meanings

My experiece and research over the years has enabled me to master the art of creating images.

My research is always aimed at telling a story in a way that is as natural as possible.

A smile, the happiness of a moment, the sweetness of hug, the spontaneity of a stolen moment, these are the subjects I love to take picture of.
My job is to act with discrection trying almost to disappear and just be there in the most important moments. Your wedding day is a day that you want to experience with joy, enjoying the day in absolute freedom.

For this reason, the choice of a reportage style, allows me to record certain moments exactly as they take place. You may choose to dedicate more time to yourself and take some pictures of a moment for the two of you, even in this case my task will be to record these moments in the most natural way.

Every wedding is a unique event, different from any other, so as are my wedding shoots… because each couple is different and so are the locations, the people and the way you feel emotions.

I started this adventure as an assistant of a well known photographer on the Amalfi Coast and in 1986 I opened my own studio in Minori and since then I have not stopped creating images.

Michele Pappalardo


  • Michele Pappalardo, photographer.
  • Graduate “Maestro d’arte” in fine art photography.
  • He attended the “Istituto superiore di fotografia” in Rome.